The Empower Network Blog Beast Review

Welcome to our official review of The Blog Beast by Empower Network. Empower Network has been hard at work, creating the Blog Beast System so that members could use a redesigned system from their smartphones.


Empower Network Blog Beast Features

Empower Network’s new viral blogging system is primed to change the blogging world with its’ plethora of new features. After realizing the blogging world was changing and seeing that the currently blogging system was becoming outdated, the founders of Empower Network decided to create a brand new system to meet the changing needs of bloggers.

Empower Network Blog Beast Review

Blog Beast is loaded with new features, much of which are not available through any other blogging system. The biggest feature is the mobile application. While other blogging systems have mobile apps, the apps are complicated to figure out and do not really contain enough features for them to be used by the average blogger.

The mobile application of Blog Beast contains all of the features available online. This allows users to run their blogs on the go or check their blog at any given time. The application also allows users to view training videos so that you can listen to high quality marketing information while traveling or on the go.


Another main feature is the new blog and commenting sharing system. The old blogging system did allow sharing via Facebook but the system often did not work efficiently and sometimes did not work at all. This has been improved in the Blog Beast and allows users to instantly post content to Facebook and other social media networks.

Users can also sharing content from other Blog Beast blogs and instantly post it onto their blogs. The original author will still get credit for the content but this allows almost interesting content to essentially be added to your blog instantaneously.

Blog Beast Blog Review

The third main feature of Blog Beast is the ability to manage multiple blogs and across multiple domains using only one account. Before, users had to manage multiple accounts to utilize more than one blog. This process has been simplified so that users can expand their network of blogs and make more money in the process.

These are the main features that Blogging Beast will have. There are other of plenty smaller changes that have been included to make your blogging life easier but none are nearly as major as the three mentioned above. Prospective bloggers should be excited because Blog Beast will not only make life easier to manage blogs but also make them more money in the process.

As with the original blogging system, Blog Beast is only $25 per month and is well worth the money.